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online backup IBackup Online Backup Service

Protects your Files, Exchange Information & SQL Databases

Insurance for your data!

iBackup is a Internet based, low-cost, low-maintenance backup solution for businesses using Windows and/or Windows Small Business Server. In addition to file-level backup, iBackup will also save your email messages from Exchange/Outlook and databases from an SQL server.
We Install and configure iBackup on your fileserver computer at your office. It will backup your data to a secure internet server every night. Once iBackup is installed and configured, there is little for the end user to do, other than check the daily email progress reports for errors, No tapes to change, or rotate.  I backup will also only backup files that have changed to speed up the backup process, and the Internet-Upload-Bandwidth can be throttled.
Once your data has been safely & securely backed up to the iBack Internet Vault, you can access it via the website, or by the recovery option in the backup software. In the event of a disaster, iBackup can be reinstalled onto another computer, and your data can be restored from the internet, to the new computer.
Online Data Backup 10Gb for under $10/mo
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